A Fox Of A Christian is my first story on this wiki.

Author's NoteEdit

This story takes place within the same universe as one of my series on the Any Idea Wiki, Leah's Life, and somewhat acts as a pilot to it. It focuses on Lydia learning about Christianity due to her disability.


It was a beautiful day at Davy Jones Elementay School, the sun was shining, the birds were singing, and five kids were playing at the basketball field.

"Pass it to me", a boy said.

A girl wearing a pink shirt with light pink stars, blue skirt, purple striped pants, and gold glitter sneakers passed it to the boy, who was a bear that wore a gray sweater, a light yellow undershirt, brown khakis, and brown loafers.

"Think fast, June", the boy said.

The boy passed it to June, a girl wearing a purple ballet dress, a light purple belt, and dark red ballet shoes.

"I got it", June said.

But a female dog wearing a red hair bow, a purple blouse with yellow collar and cuffs, yellow pants, and brown loafers took the ball away.

"Look out, Lydia", Fern said, "I'm coming in hot."

Lydia, a female fox in a wheelchair who wore orange glasses, a lavender, lime, and green t-shirt with flower picture, a purple skirt, white socks, and gray shoes turned around.

"I'm open, Fern", Lydia said.

Fern passed Lydia the ball, and she scored it.

"Yes", Fern said, "we win again!"

The first girl and the boy looked at each other.

"She sure plays good, doesn't she, Brain", the first girl said.

"You said it, Leah", Brain said.

Then, a large yellow bulldog wearing an orange shirt, blue jeans, and brown shoes walked outside.

"Uh-oh", Leah said, "it's Binky Barnes and the other Tough Customers."

Behind Binky were his fellow bullies, Molly MacDonald, a female rabbit wearing a blue shirt with the sleeves torn off, blue jeans, and orange sneakers, Rattles Ciccone, a male animal (probably either a cat, dog, or bear) wearing a red baseball cap turned backwards, light yellow tank top, dark gray jacket, green pants, and blue sneakers, and Slink, a male rabbit wearing a black t-shirt with a red lightning bolt on it, blue jeans, and red sneakers.

"Well, lookie lookie", Binky said, "if it isn't the little blonde and her band of misfits."

"Bug off, Binky", Leah said.

"Or what", Binky said.

Binky stood in front of her, and she saw that he was larger than her.

"Good point", Leah said.

"Hey, Binks", Slink said, "check this out."

Binky saw Lydia in her wheelchair.

"Well well", Binky said, "the fox on wheels."

"Looks like she still needs training wheels", Rattles said.

"I do not", Lydia said, "I grew out of my training wheels when I was five."

"Well here", Molly said, "let me help you with your legs."

Molly played around with Lydia's legs, while Lydia grew upset, with tears beginning to form in her eyes.

"Stop it", Lydia said.

"Aww, looks like the little baby needs her nap", Slink said.

Slink shook her in her wheelchair, and tipped it over, causing her to fall off.

"Ow", Lydia said.

"Nice one, Slink", Binky said.

"Thank you, my fellow bully", Slink said.

"Tough Customers out", Binky said.

The four bullies then ran away.

"That's right, you better run", Brain said.

"You're lucky Lydia can't use her legs", June said, "she'd be coming after you."

They then noticed Lydia lying on the ground, crying.

"You okay, Lydia", Leah asked.

They then noticed that she had scraped her right elbow, and was bleeding.

"No wonder she's crying", June said, "she scraped her elbow."

"It's not just that", Lydia said, "I'm just upset about what they said."

Then, their teacher, Lynn Loud Sr., walked over to them.

"What's up", Lynn Sr. asked.

"Lydia got bullied by the Tough Customers because she's in a wheelchair", Fern said.

"Oh my", Lynn Sr. said.

Lynn Sr. helped the crying Lydia back into her wheelchair.

"Thanks, Mr. Loud", Lydia said.

"I'm going to see to it that those Tough Customers be severely punished for this deed", Lynn Sr. said, "but first, let's get you to the nurse."

At the nurse's office, Lydia exited with a Band-Aid on her elbow, and Lynn Sr. walked over to her.

"I talked to Mr. Percival, and he said you can have your dad pick you up early today if you want", Lynn Sr. said.

"Yes please", Lydia said.

"Okay then", Lynn Sr. said, "I'll go make the phone call."

Later that night, Lydia was talking to her dad, Gus Fox.

"Dad", Olivia said, "is it bad that I can't walk?"

"Not at all", Gus said, "lots of people have the same problem you do."

"But will I ever be able to walk". Lydia asked.

"I wish I could say yes, but no", Gus said, "you were born unable to walk, so I'm afraid that's how it's going to be."

Lydia sighed and looked down.

"Well, I'm off to donate some of these old books to the library", Gus said, "I'll be back in an hour."

As Gus walked out the door, he dropped a large book, which Lydia noticed.

"Hey Dad", Lydia said, "you dropped a book."

But it was too late, Gus had already left.

"I wonder what it's about", Lydia said.

Lydia picked up the book, and saw that it had a "†" symbol on it.

"What kind of book is this", Lydia asked.


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