Disclaimer: The dogs in this world are anthro and therefor walk on two legs and have paws that work as hands.

Zuma the Christian

Zuma the Christian.

One day, in the lovely town of Adventure Bay, there lived a pup named Zuma. He lived at the lookout in his own bedroom with orange wallpaper. He was 10 years old and a good kindhearted, Christian boy/pup. He is part of a team of pups called the Paw Patrol. Their job is to help people of Adventure Bay with everyday problems. Zuma's job was water rescue. As such, he loved to swim.

He has a stack of magazines that feature water rescue and marine life articles. He loves his job and you can tell with how he has stickers of life preservers and buoys on the walls. He loves to surf too and has won the junior competetion for young pups and children.

Today, he was getting ready for school, his least favorite subject.

"I can't believe this. I can't find my Bible and Science book anywhere!" {He said looking around his room frantically.}

He was wearing an orange t-shirt with white anchor on the front of it. He also wore blue shorts and red tennis shoes, and white socks. He is a chocolate labador with yellow eyes.

"It's gotta be here somewhere." He said as he looked in his desk draws and found his Science book and Bible next to eachother.

"Whew, that was close. I'd thought I'd never find them." He said pulling them out and placing them in his blue backpack.

He then placed his backpack on his bed and zipped it up. He knelled down on his knees and closed his eyes. He held his hands together too.

"Please help me thwough my school day Jesus. Please help me do good. If I have a pop quiz today, please me do good. And please keep me and my fwiends safe as we head to and from school. In jesus' name I pray, I love you lord, amen." He said as he stood up opening his eyes and then picked up his backpack.

He put the backpack on and walked out of his bedroom door and bumped into someone.

"Oof! Sorry dude." He said as he rubbed his head.

He looked up and saw that he bumped into Rocky. His best bud. he was a grey mix breed pup who was the same age as Zuma. He had brown eyes. White feet and hands, along with a blue spot on his left eye. His right ear was cropped and he had three hairs sticking up on his head. They've gotten longed over the years and Rocky hopes he grows more for some reason. He also has three hairs sticking out on both sides of his face. He is quite fluffy. His tail also has a white tip.

"It's okay bud. I didn't see you there." He replied happily and calmly.

He wore a green t-shirt with tan pants. He also wore white socks and brown shoes with laces. Not tennis shoes, but simular. He also was wearing an orange backpack.

"Did you get the Science Book? The teacher won't be happy if she sees you without it." The mixed breed said. He was slightly taller than the labador, but Zuma knew he would probably grow bigger when he got his growth spurt.

"Of course dude. I wouldn't leave without it. You know I don't like being yelled at." He said with a smile.

Rocky chuckled.

"You have a point."

They both did a fist bump.

"Let's get thwough the day a'okay." Zuma said excitedly.

"Ditto to that." The mix breed replied back.

They both heard some pawsteps and look down the hallway. They see a figure of a 11 year old german shepherd. He was fluffy and wore a blue button shirt with blue jeans. He also had brown eyes and both of his ears were pointed upward. He also had on black shoes. He was Chase, the police pup of the Paw Patrol. The second in command and oldest pup.

He walked up to Rocky and Zuma.

"How are you both this morning?"

"Good." The both replied back to their older friend. He towers over them by two to three inches as he checks them both.

"Did you both brush your teeth and eat breakfast?" Chase asked.

"Yes dude. Your not our mom you know." Zuma said playfully.

"I know, I just wanted to make sure your both ready."

"Okay Chase." Rocky said with a giggle.

Up close, they could both see that Chase had groomed his fur this morning. He started to become more self-concious about his appearance.

"Come on, we're all waiting on you." Chase said as he walked down the hallway.

Rocky and Zuma nodded and followed Chase out of the hallway to the Lookout's elevator. They walked inside and Chase pressed the down button. The elevator went down and then they walked out. When they walked out, they saw their three other friends.

Marshall, a whit dalmatian with black spots. He has skye blue eyes. He wears a red baseball cap, yellow shirt with red sleeves. Black boots with laces. And let's not forget the blue jeans. A picture of fire was on the front and back of his shirt. He was the same age and almost the same height as Chase. He was slightly taller, but everyone was curious on which one would get the biggest.

Next was Rubble. He was a chubby looking bulldog with redish, brown eyes. He wore a yellow shirt with yellow jeans. He also wore brown shoes. He is nine years old, meaning he's the youngest of the group. Despite his size, and age, he's very strong.

Finally, there was Skye. She was ten years old like Zuma and Rocky. She was a cockapoo and was not very tall, but she wasn't going to get that tall. She wore a pink dress and black shoes with white socks.

Zuma smiled and said, "Mowning evewyone."

"Good Morning," the other pups replied.

There usually was their human leader standing there with them, but today... he was out of town on biusness.

"Ready to go pups?" Chase asked.

The other pups all nodded and they left the Lookout.

"Please keep us safe on our way to School Jesus." Zuma said to himself in prayer.

"Your not doing that sully praying thing again Zuma?" Rubble asked in a picking tone.

"Please stop Wubble." Zuma replied back annoyed.

"Ok. Just messing with you."

"Knock it off back there. Zuma, stop with your superstitious stuff." Chase said as he led the group to the bridge that led to town.

Zuma sighed. he was the only member on the Paw Patrol who went to Church. And the others made sure that he knew it. Well..

"Sorry Zuma. The others think you praying is stupid. But it don't sound bad what you ask this... God." Rocky whispers to his buddy.

"Thanks Wocky. Just wish I knew what I could do... to save them..." Zuma whispered back.

Rocky looked questionably at Zuma and then trudged on behind him.

They walked across a bridge on the sidewalk. They walked past the park and their local vet clinic. The clinic owner Katie waved at them as they pass. She is an adult woman with blond hair and pink clothes. The pups wave at her and continue walking to school. The soon stop at the entrance.

"Okay, everyone behave in school you hear?" Chase asked his fellow pups.

They all nodded and they all proceeded inside. Once inside, they all separated. Rocky and Zuma were alone as they walked to class.

"I'm so excited for today. Our lesson in science will be about protecting the environment!" Rocky exclaimed happily and his skipped beside Zuma.

"Well, it is your job dude. You should know how to do it well." Zuma replied back gingerly.

"But the teacher says that I can help with the lesson! That makes it all the more exciteing!" He exclaimed again.

Zuma chuckled and followed his friend towards their classroom. Once Zuma and Rocky sat down at their desks, a math paper was plopped on their desks.

"Talk about an early stawt huh dude?" Zuma asked in a joking manner.

"Yeah, haha." He replied with a laugh.

They both started doing their work. Zuma and Rocky were the only students in the classroom that were anthro dogs. Everyone else were human kids. After the math paper was complete, Zuma and Rocky placed it on the teacher's desk. They both sat in their seats as the teacher graded the papers. After she was done, she walked to the front of the whole class.

"Morning class. Today, we'll be learning about dogs some more and who better to teach us than Zuma and Rocky." She said pointing to Rocky and Zuma.

The kids all look at their two dog classmates and Zuma wanted to hide deeper into his seat. He was actually a bit afraid of getting a lot of attention. When he was younger, he loved attention, now he fears it.

"Don't forget about environment education as well." Rocky stated and the teacher laughed with a nod.

"I haven't Rocky. We're doing that after we do some more learning about you two." She said pulling up a stool. "Which one of you two wants to sit up here first? Your both taking turns."

Rocky raised his hand/paw. {Call it what you want.}

The teacher chuckled, "Okay Rocky. Come one."

Rocky walked up and sat on the stool in the front of the classroom. Zuma watched with slight envy.

"How come the dude is never scawed of being in fwont of a cwowd like this." He thought sadly. "I hope one day I'll be bwaver."

He looked up at the ceiling as Rocky talked about the differences between him and people.

Zuma "What do I do Jesus? I'm scawed." He thought to himself.

"Zuma." He looked to the front of the classroom and saw Rocky coming back to his desk and the teacher was motioning for him to come up to the front. He felt a lump in his throat as he stood up and walked to the front of the classroom. He sat on the stool and looked at all the students, all of which were looking at him. He froze and gulped down the lump as fear took over.

"Zuma, please tell us about your tail. Why do you need it?"

Zuma wanted to answer, but couldn't. How could he do this? How?


Zuma froze and then he felt a pressence.

"Dont' be afraid... stay calm."

He opened his eyes.

"I can do this," Zuma thought.

He looked at the class and Rocky giving him a thumbs up.

He decided to look at his friend Rocky and only Rocky. It calmed him down.

"Out tails... help us keep our balance. Without our tail... we would fall.= and hurt ourselves a lot." Zuma said.

"What else?" The teacher asked kindly.

"When we're happy, we smile like people, but our tails also wag. Even if we twy to hide our emotions, our tails give off signals to tell people how we're really feeling." Zuma said.

"Correct. You may sit down," she said as Zuma breathed a sigh of relief and did so. Zuma looked to his left and saw Rocky holding out his paw. Zuma nodded and they both gave a high five.

"Great job bud. You did it!" Rocky cheered.

"Thanks, but I did have a little help," he replied as he pulled out his History book.

"From who?" Rocky asked doing the same.

"Um... well, not like you would believe me." Zuma said sadly and flipped through his book to the next lesson. Rocky cocked his head confused and turned to his book.

"Now, let us begin." The teacher said.

A few hours later, it was lunch time. Rocky and Zuma were chatting with eachother at their lunch table.

"Those lunch ladies can't make decent food at all." He stated looking at his plate of lunch.

"Looks fine to me," Zuma replied.

"No it's not, do you see this spaghetti? It's too cold. And this roll is a bit stiff. Almost molded! I can't believe they would feed us and the kids this." Rocky said crossing his arms.

"At least it's ediable dude."

"It's not right though..." Rocky said with a sigh.

Rocky ate unhappily. Being the eco dog of the team, he knew weather food was good or not. And he knew good and well that a lot of this food was not. But just like most schools, the teachers and cafeteria employees don't care.

"So, I saw you freeze up."

"Hm?" Zuma asked his friend as was eating his roll.

"You froze up in class." The mixed breed repeated looking into Zuma's eyes. "Did your fear get you again?"

Zuma nodded.

"Yeah dude. My stage fwieght happened again. Luckily God helped me." Zuma said looking looking up at the clock as he ate his roll.

"Who is this 'God' that you keep talking about all the time?"

"Well dude. Its not easy to explain as even I don't know evewything. I'm still learning." Zuma said wiping his paws on a napkin after finishing his food. Rocky did the same.

"Where are you learning all this from?"

"From church."

Rocky gave Zuma a look.

"Is that where you keep going on Sunday mornings and nights?"

"Yeah dude," Zuma replied calmly.

"Now your making me curious." Rocky said wiping his mouth with a napkin.

"You can come with me next Sunday morning if you want. You don't have to of course." Zuma said as they got up to dump their lunch trays and stuff.

"I guess I will. But I'm assuming I have to do something before I go right?"

"You need to dwess nice and have a bath." He said dumping his tray.

"Oh great..." He said dumping his tray.

They both hand the lunch lady their empty trays and they head outside to go to recess.

"I think I will do it though for you bud. But it's gonna be a struggle for me." Rocky said as Zuma and him smiled at each other.

"You don't have to do that."

"But I want to Zuma. Your my friend and I want to see what you've been up too and maybe share it with you."

Zuma smiled and the two friends continue onward to the playground.

The day was no over and the two friends walk out of school meeting up with the others.

"There you both are. What kept ya?" He asked with a smirk.

"Our teacher made the class stay in a bit longer to finish a paper." Rocky says.

"She weally didn't intend for us to leave until evewyone is done." Zuma replied in agreement.

Chase nodded in understanding.

"Then let's head back to the Lookout." Skye says as they all walked on the concreate.

"So how was school guys?" Rocky asked.

"It was great! We learned a lot in my class!" Rubble said excitedly. "I'm also thinkin about signing up for the school play!"

"Sounds great dude." Zuma said with a chuckle.

"I didn't have to great of a day." Marshall said with his head down.

"What happened?" Rocky asked concerned.

"I got in trouble because I lost one of my homework papers."

"You did?" Zuma asked

"Yeah... nothing I could do about it." Marshall said sadly.

"Sorry Marshall." Rocky said sadly.

"I had a good day." Skye said happily. "You Chase?"

"I did.. until one of the Christian kids 'prayed' for him to do good on his quiz today. It's so silly and it makes me irratated that people believe in that stuff." The german shepherd said as he led the pups. He didn't believe anything he didn't see. Unfortantly, that meant God too. Zuma wondered if he could even change Chase's mind on that at all.

  • Sigh* Zuma sighed as they continued to their home.

Later at 6:00 P.M.

Zuma walked into the bathroom.

"Long day." He said to himself. His bathroom was shared with rocky so everything was painted green and orange except the toilet, sink, and tub.

He pulled off his clothes and went into the shower. 30 minutes later, he got out and popped his fur dry. He then put on his pajama pants and an orange T-shirt.

"That felt good" He said as he left the bathroom into the dining room. The whole time he was thinking about what to do.

"Will Wocky like church? I hope so. He needs help on getting weady." He said to himself as he sat at the kitchen table for supper.

A human walks in with food for all the pups and himself. He placed the plates all over the table. He was 23 year old genius Ryder. He took care of the pups as if they were his own children.

"Pups! Its time to eat!" He called and all the pup who were currently outside playing came in. Chase, marshall, and Skye were panting the most from the heat as their fur coats were thicker than rubble and rocky.

They all sat down aspt the table.

"OK, before we eat, chase, Skye, and Marshall, tomorrow you'll be learning how to cook.

"Finally!" Skye exclaimed. She always wanted to cook ever since she was little.

"Chase, you and me also need to have a bit of a talk later."

"What for Ryder?" He asked confused.

"You'll see." Ryder assured him. Then the other pups started to eat. Ryder and Zuma began saying their blessings. After that, they began eating.

"You've taught Zuma a stupid habit Ryder." Chase said as he drank some water from his glass.

"Why's that?" Ryder asked knowing what he was talking about.

"Doing that thing that you both do just makes the food colder by a few seconds. Why do you need to do it?

"Where did I go wrong for you to think like this?" Ryder thought.

"Well chase, its a bit hard epto explain." Ryder said as he ate. "You may understand one day I hope." 

Chase grumbled and continued to eat.

"I want to go with you and Zuma to the church Ryder..that's okay that..." 'Rocky says making everyone freeze.

"You do?" Ryder asked rubbing his chin.

"Yeah... Zuma said that he goes there and I want to see what he's been doing. Plus I remember you go there a lot."

"Well... if you want to, I can't stop you. But you need some dress clothes."

"Zuma told me."

"Then you and me will go shopping for some after school." Ryder replied and rocky nodded.

Zuma was thrilled that his friend was going with him. But he was hit by a negative thought. What if Rocky didn't like it?

After supper, they all went to bed.

"Brushed your teeth?!" Ryder yelled as he looked down the hall.

"Yes sir!" They all called from their rooms.

Ryder nodded and went to get ready for bed himself. Zuma was laying in his bed thinking about something.

"Maybe... maybe I could get the pups' to come with me to church. That won't be easy though." He thought.

He looked at his clock and when it read 10:00 P.M., he freaked.

"Whoah! I'd better get to sleep!" He exclaimed and curled up in his blankets to go to sleep. He soon dozed off. The next morning, he awoke with a yawn.

"That was some good sleep." He stated as he sat up in his bed and stretched. He looked at his clock. It read 6:55 A.M.

"I don't have much time to get weady for school, but I'll manage." He said getting up out of his bed with another stretch. He then proceeded to his closet and opened it up. He didn't have a lot of variety in his clothes. After looking, he decided to grab a orange sleeved red t-shirt. He then grabbed a pair of blue jeans and closed the closet. he placed them on his bed and began to change into them. He heard a lot of commotion outside his door as he was getting dressed. After he put his clothes on, he left out of the room to investigate.

He saw that Rocky and Chase were talking to eachother in the hallway, by his and Rocky's bathroom. He perked his floppy ears to listen.

"Don't believe anything you see in that building Rocky. They'll try to fill your head with lies." Chase stated.

"How do you know Chase? Maybe they could be telling the truth. It's not like you go to church." Rocky replied back.\, making Zuma gasp. They were talking about church.

"Tomorrow is Saturday and then Sunday. I shall go to church and believe what I want Chase. Weither you like it or not, I can't stop you. But I'm a big pup now and I can make my own decisions." Rocky stated and pushed passed the older pup towards his room.

"*sigh* I hope I won't lose you to lies Rocky." He said looking at Zuma sternly.

Zuma shrunk back into his room and waited until Chase's paw steps were heard as he left.

"Whew... that was close. Chase is pwetty much lost at this point. How can I help him? I better just focus on Wocky for now." Zuma stated as he left back into the hallway to go to the bathroom.

He walked into the bathroom and started doing the usual stuff like brushing teeth, using the bathroom, brushing his fur, and actually that's it.

He left the bathroom and checked for chase. No sign of him, so he left the bathroom door and knocked on Rocky's door.

"Wocky dude." Zuma said.

Rocky opened his door looking a tad bit upset from earlier, but he was fine otherwise.

"Hey Zuma." He said.

"You weary to head down for bweakfast?"

"Yeah, I'm ready. Let's go." Rocky replied as he closed his bedroom door and they headed downstairs.

They went through the usual morning stuff and then went out the door with the other pups. As they were walking across the bridge, Zuma noticed the look Chase was giving him and Rocky as he looked back at them.

"Zuma, I don't think Chase is happy with us." Rocky whispered into Zuma's floppy ear.

"Just ignore him Wocky. I'm used to them." He whispered back.

"Is it because of that fiht me and him had this morning, I wonder?" Rocky whispered to himself.

"Just don't wowwy about it. The dude will get over it."

Rocky nodded to Zuma and they continued walking. Chase stopped giving them a look a few seconds before they got off the bridge.

"I'm so excited! Today, we're gonna be learning some more about the ground beneath our feet!" Rubble squealed.

"That always is one of your favorite things." Marshal stated as they walked.

"Well, it is part of my job after all." Rubble says with a smile.

"True, but just because you may know some thing, doesn't mean you shouldn't listen to the lesson. They may tell you something that you didn't know about." Skye says calmly.

"Okay. I'll be sure to listen." Rubble says happliy.

"Rocky and Zuma.... you would be wise doing the same." Chase said as he walked. He didn't even bother looking back at them.

Rocky and Zuma looked at eachother.

"Okay Chase." Rocky says. "You have a nice day at school."

Chase sighed and then smiled.

"You too." He said as they rounded the corner that led to school.

Later that day...

Rocky and Zuma were sitting at their desks when a strange test paper was palced on their desks.

"Hm?" They both hummed questionably.

"Class, you have a special test today. This is a test about yourselves. I want all your to answer this as best as you can." She said calmly. They all nodded and began to work.

Zuma answered question after question.

"Do I prefer to be alone most of the time?" He asked reading the question. He shook his head no and checked no.

He soon finished the test around the same time as the other students, but as he turned around to sit, he saw Rocky was still working on the test. He was only half-way through the page. Zuma cocked his head with a twitch of his tail seeing his friend actually struggle with a test. This has never happened before, so Zuma was concerned. He sat down at his desk and looked at his friend worriedly.

"Dude?" Zuma asked.

Rocky turned and looked at Zuma.

"Yeah?" He asked.

"You okay? You normally finish tests by now." Zuma said cocking his head at his friend.

"I'm fine Zuma, I just seem to be having trouble this time around." Rocky says.

"You sure?"

"Yes." Rocky said obviously wanting quiet.

Soon, he was done and brought the test up. The teacher took the tests and walked out into the hallway. She poked her head in the classroom.

"I want you all to study your Science book from Chapter 1-2. Got it?" She asked and they all complied as they began doing so. She stayed in the Hallway for almost a good maybe 20-30 minutes. She then came in the room.

"Rocky... please come outside." She says calmly.

Rocky sunk in his chair and then stood up. He walked to her, outside the room, and into the hallway. Zuma watched his friend walk off concerned and tugged at his shirt collar.

"I hope your alwight dude." Zuma says as he continues his studies.

Soon, Rocky came in with the teacher. Rocky sat at his desk and Zuma instantly saw something wrong in his buddy.

"Dude? You okay?" Zuma asked.

"I-I don't... know..." Rocky said looking down at his desk in thought.

"You seem upset." Zuma stated.

Rocky sighed.

"I-I am... a little. It's... hard to explain." Rocky said. "I'll tell you at recess."

At recess, they sat on the swings on the playground.

"So what did you want to to tell me?" The labador asked.

"Zuma... that test... was to test the students for something. They were testing to see if any student was on the autism spectrum. Or a certain part of the spectrum." Rocky said looking at what seemed like every blade of grass while thinking.


"Meaning... I'm on the spectrum. They said I have aspergers." Rocky says.

"I never heard of that dude." Zuma replied.

"It's not as unheard as you might think it seems. They told me some things that aspergers people and pups tend to do."

"Did you do some of them?"

"Mostly." Rocky replied. "Most aspergers don't feel the need for friends. But I do." Rocky says.

"What does this mean dude?" Zuma asks.

"That I'm going to have to start seeing therapist and stuff and be marked with this... 'disability'."

"Disability?" Zuma asks.

"That's what they said. They already called Ryder." He says. He then started to cry. "I didn't know there was something wrong with me."

"Hold on Wocky! You may be oveweacting. They may not have explained things well enough." Zuma says patting his friend on the back. Rocky's tears slid down his furry face onto his shirt. Zuma then hugged his friend after getting off his swing.

"It'll be okay dude. Me, Wyder, and God will help you. Our other fwiends too." Zuma says feeling sad on how sad his friend was.

"You promise?" Rocky asks.

"Pwomise." Zuma replied.

Later at the Lookout.

Rocky sat in his room thinking about how his day played out. He laid out on his bed looking at the ceiling. his shoes were kicked off as he rolled over onto his stomach.

"Aspergers..." Rocky stated in thought.

Someone knocked on his door.

"Rocky? Can I come in?" Someone asked.

"Go ahead." Rocky said as he looked at the door. It opened and in the doorway was Ryder.

"Hey." Ryder said as he sat down on the foot of Rocky's bed.

"Hey." The mixed breed replied back at he rubbed his pillow with his paw/hand.

"Zuma told me what happened." Ryder said as Rocky sat up. "Come here."

Ryder hugged Rocky rubbing his back.

"I know this is hard for you." Ryder said.

"I didn't know there was something wrong with me." Rocky says almost in tears.

Ryder looked down at Rocky and petted his fur tuft and head.

"There's nothing wrong with you. Your just different." Ryder said.

Rocky stayed quiet.

"Look." He said making Rocky look at him. "How about we go to the Library tomorrow and we learn all we can about Aspergers." Ryder says. "That ok?"

"Yes sir." Rocky said as Ryder hugged Rocky tightly.

"Your special Rocky. I love you so much. Just do me a favour and try to be the happy Rocky I love." Ryder says.

"I'll try daddy." Rocky says.

Ryder smiled as he kissed his adopted pup on the forehead and then left the room. Rocky looked out his window in though.

"I'll do my best." He said sadly.

Zuma overheard everything outside the room. He entered and closed the door.

"Hey buddy." He said as he stopped at the foot of his friends' bed.

"Hey Zuma..." Rocky said quietly.

"Doing alwight?" 

"Not Really Zuma." He said as Zuma sat on the foot of the bed.

"Is there anything I can do to help dude?" Zuma asked concerned

"Maybe... I don't know." Rocky says sadly.

"Like Wyder says, it can't be a bad thing Wocky. Just wait and see what the therapist says." He says with a smile and tail twitch.

"But what if-" 

"Stop that dude! Your only making yourself sadder. Just smile and think positive. Okay dude?" Zuma asked with another smile.

"You know, that sounds awfully familiar." He said with a chuckle.

"It's something you've always said to the west of us when we're sad." He said grabbing Rocky's hand/paw and pulled him up to sit on the bed. "You'll get through this. You'll see." He said with a wink.

Rocky smiled and nodded with his tail wagging.

"With a friend like you, I know I will. Thanks Zuma."

"Anytime bud." Zuma said  they hugged each other.

"Want to go watch some more Superdog? There's a new episode today!" Zuma exclaimed.

"Cool! Meet you downstairs!" Rocky replied happily.

A few minutes later, Zuma, Rocky, and Rubble were watching the superdog TV show.

"You can do it Apollo! Save the puppy!" Rubble said excitedly.

Soon, the show ended.

"Yes! Apollo is amazing!" Rubble says as he stands up out of the beanbag.

"Yeah. He's something. But not near as amazing as God." Zuma states.

Rocky cocked his head.

"What do you mean? Nobody is as great as Apollo." Rubble aays crossing his arms.

"But God is Wubble. I know you won't understand. But I do hope you will someday." Zuma says as he turned off the tv and stood up.

"He is?" Rocky asked.

"Of course dude. If you do want to know what I mean... I can let you bowwow my Bible." He says.

"Your Bible?"

"It's that book you see me cawwy awound. Let me know if you want to wead it. It'll help explain things." He said going into the kitchen with Rocky following. Rubble left outside to go and play.

"Are you sure you wouldn't mind me doing that? Its your Bible afterall." Rocky says

"Sure I dont mind. Just take good care of it." Zuma says as he poured himself some water in glass.

Rocky nodded.

"Okay... mind if I can borrow it tonight?" Rocky asked.

Zuma nodded with a smile and a wagging tail.

"Sure thing dude." 

That night, Rocky was looking at the Bible. He read through chapter after chapter and he soon began falling asleep. Zuma on the otherhand tossed and turned. He was worried about how Rocky was enjoying the Bible. 

"Does he like... does he think it's bad... I hope he likes it." Zuma said as he looked outside his window. He yawned as he curled up in his blanket and tried to go back to sleep. He realized he was having trouble sleeping. So he reached in his desk drawer and pulled out a stuffed bear. He hugged as he rolled over in his bed. he soon began to fall asleep felling the affects of hugging a secret friend of his. 

You see, for a while, the only belongings Zuma had was His Bible and Teddy. His Teddy was the only friend he ever had all his life that never got angry, sad, upset, or judged Zuma. He was happy having him as a secret friend that's there for him to listen to everything he tells him. He also does this with God, but Teddy is his second closest friend to talk to about personal things. He never shows anyone it as he's afraid of being picked on.  

Anyways, the next morning, Zuma woke up with a yawn and heard a knock on the door. He panicked and placed his Teddy in his drawer just as soon as he saw Rocky walking in. 

"Hey Zuma, here's your Bible back." Rocky stated as he placed it on his desk. Rocky was still wearing his PJ's. 

"Th-Thanks dude." Zuma said with a sigh. 

"Are you okay?" Rocky asked wrapping his tail around himself concerned.

"Pfft. yeah yeah, I'm fine dude. No wowwies." Zuma said trying to fake that he was calm.

"You sure?" He replies back crossing his rry arms.

"Yes dude. Sewiously, I'm okay." He said  his tail with a smile  then placed his Bible back on the desk. "Let's go dude." 

"Um Zuma, you should get ready first. Haha." He laughed as Zuma looked  himself. His fur was ruffled and ungroomed and he was still only in his bed clothes.

"Oh wight. Hehe..." Zuma chuckled.

Zuma got ready and soon, him and Rocky left the bedroom.

"Did we wemember to get evwything?" Zuma asked.

"I think so." Rocky replied looking himself and Zuma over. "Zuma, you forgot to brush your head."

"Oh wight. Thanks dude." Zuma said as he trying to brush it with his hand/paw. Marshall and Rubble walked up to them as Zuma was doing this.

"Come and get breakfast guys." Rubble said. "We're gonna be late if we don't hurry and eat."

"We're coming." Zuma and Rocky in unison as they followed Rubble and Marshall down to the dining room of the Lookout.

"I hope we all do well in school today. I know I'm gonna have a rough time." Marshall says as they entered the dining room and sat down with others to eat.

"Why is that dude?" Zuma asked sitting down as he finally finished brushing his fur.

Chase looked at the newcomers.

"Our class is having a big test today and Marshall thinks he'll fail at it." Chase states as Marshall sighs in agreement.

"Oh dude, I'm sure you'll do gweat. I mean, your pwetty smart." Zuma says.

"You're just saying that Zuma." Marshall replies as he began eating his breakfast.

"No, I weally mean it dude. I mean, none of us can ever figure out your medical equipment. And you act like it's easy." Zuma states.

Marshall looked down in thought. He swallowed and looked at Zuma who was across the table from him.

"You mean it?" He asked.

"Of course dude. Never doubt yourself." Zuma says with a smile.

"That's easy to say Zuma. Doing it is really hard." Rocky says.

"Twue, but you have to twy." Zuma replies.

"I guess your right." Rocky says.

"He is right Rocky and Marshall. If you doubt yourself, you will never be happy." Chase says.

"Yeah, if yu doubt yourself, you'll never have an easy time with anything. You have to believe in yourself, otherwise you'll become sad and depressed." Ryder says.

Rocky and Marshall nodded as they all began finishing their breakfast.

They then got packed up and left to the bridge. They all walked close together.

"You'll do fine Mawshall, I'm certain of it." Zuma stated.

"Really?" He asked gripping his backpacks' shoulder strap tightly.

"Yes dude." Zuma replied with a nod. "I can pway that you'll do well if your still concerned."

"That will work?" Marshall asked.

Zuma opened his muzzle to reply and then Chase covered it with his hand/paw.

"No it won't. Zuma is being silly. Chase says.

Marshall seemed to frown a little at his friend.

"I'm doing it anyway Chase." {He said pushing Chase's paw away.}

Chase sighs.

"Fine, but I still think it won't work." Chase replies as Zuma places his hand/paw on Marshall's arm.

"Just keep walked dude. I'll pway." Zuma says and Marshall nods.

Zuma started to do so. Chase rolled his eyes.

"You'll see one day," Chase says.

They all soon got to school. Zuma stopped praying as the groups departed from eachother.

"Good luck dude. God will take care of it, don't wowwy." Zuma stated witha smile.

Marshall sighed and nodded as the groups moved on to their classes.

"I bet there will be a pop quiz today!" Rocky exclaimed as he walked beside Zuma.

Zuma nodded.

"There pwobably will be. I've been studying, so hopefully I'll be pwepped for it." Zuma says as him and Rocky entered class. They sat in their seats just as the teacher walked in the classroom and closed the door.

"Evening class." She said placing papers on all the students desk. Just as she placed a paper on Rocky's desk, he sighed and looked at Zuma.

"Told you." He said with a chuckle. Zuma shrugged his shoulders as she placed his paper on his desk. "She hasn't said weither or not it is a test or quiz yet." Zuma said, obviously trying to calm down the mix breed.

The teacher walked up to the front of the classroom and looked around. "This is a pop quiz today. It's to see how well you've paid attention, and who's been doing their homework." She stated as she glared at a few students.

Zuma sighed and glanced at Rocky, who gave him a smirk.

She pointed at the clock above her head, and raised her voice for the class to hear. "You have 25 minutes to get this quiz done. If you fail it, you get extra homework tonight, if you don't finish on time, extra homework, as well as getting referred to for the slow learner classes. If you finish within a certain time, I have a little something special for you."

Rocky smiled and clutched his hand/paw into a fist with determination.

"I'm gonna ace this." He stated as Zuma laid back in his chair with his arms behind his head and floppy ears. "I might do mediocre at best. But I'll do my best." Zuma replied.

Zuma then placed his hand/paws together as he prayed.

"Jesus, please help me do good on my test, amen." He whispered in prayer. The teacher sat at her desk and looked around at classroom of kids and pups and nodded. "You may begin... now!" She declared as the students began their tests. Rocky was going through his test no problem.

The teacher looked at Rocky and called up someone on her phone as she went out into the hallway. She closed the door and talked with the individual on the phone.

"I was thinking of letting Rocky join the Special Ed class. It's a class for students who are smarter than average students. It'll be harder for Rocky, but he may like it.

"Hm... well... why don't you ask him... and I'll talk with him about when he gets home, and then he'll decide tomorrow," the person on the phone stated calmly.

"Very well, I'll ask him once their test is over." She said. "Talk to you later Ryder.." She said as she hung up the phone and went back into the classroom.


Later, the test was over for most of the students, and the teacher walked up to Rocky and whispered in his ear. "Come meet me in the hall." She whispered. Rocky got up and went into the hallway with her... again.

Zuma watched him leave, and grew concerned. "Wocky... what are they twying to do with you?" He whispered to himself as he finished his test. He was the last one to finish, as per usual. He placed it on the teacher's desk and looked toward the door in wonder. As he sat back down, he saw the teacher and Rocky begin making their way back inside. He sat beside Zuma with his hand/paw holding his chin as he leaned on his desk.

"What happened dude?" Zuma whispered.

"I'll tell you later." Rocky assured.

Later that day, Rocky and Zuma were walking home with Chase and the others.

"So what happened dude?" Zuma asked as Rocky sighed shrugging his shoulders. "They asked if I wanted to join Special Ed classes." Rocky explianed.

"That's a huge honor!" Skye exclaimed, as she overheard them talking.

"It is?"

"Yeah, all the really smart kids and pups go to Special Ed classes. Not many are allowed to go." She explained as Rocky looked down in thought.

"Well that's awesome dude!" Zuma barked happily.


The story is created by Sonic the fox. If you see any grammer or spelling errors, please let me know.

I hope you enjoy this story. :)