The Christian Bee is a story about Maya The Bee written by Thunderbird3InternationalRescue.

The Christian Bee

Author's Note Edit

Well, before I begin, I'd like to say that in this story, Maya and her friends are human-scaled (meaning, they're at human size) and live in a suburb rather than a hive. Plus, they're also able to interact with humans and able to do human things (i.e. riding bikes, watching TV). So, sit back, relax, and enjoy! Oh! And one more thing: The Queen bee is more like a mayor in this universe.

Summary Edit

When little Maya meets a stranger with an incredible story, her life is changed forever.

Story Edit

One day, Maya was walking on her way to the bus stop to go to school.

"I really hope I pass that spelling test," said Maya, "I studied really hard!"

Maya reached the crosswalk and, after looking both ways, she crossed the road. However, when she reached the other side of the road, she saw a brown-haired and blue-eyed teenage human boy wearing a red crew-neck over a white polo, navy blue jeans, brown shoes, and sitting on the bench at the bus stop, looking at a map. Parked near the stop was a purple Harley-Davidson Fatboy motorcycle whose license plate read "JESUS4LIFE". Curious, the little bee sat down next to the teen.

"Hi," said Maya.

The teen heard Maya and looked down at her.

"Oh, hey," said the teen, "would you mind helping me?"

"Sure," said Maya, "what's up?"

"I'm trying to find where the school is," said the teen.

"Yes," said Maya, "I know where it is!"

"Really," asked the teen, "Where?"

Maya told the teen the directions to the school. The teen got on the motorcycle, put on a black helmet, put a pair of goggles over his eyes, and revved the bike's engine.

"Thanks, uh, what's your name," asked the teen.

"Maya," called Maya.

"Right," said the teen, "Thanks, Maya!"

The teen then sped away, and Maya saw something fall out of the teen's backpack and onto the pavement. It looked like a book.

"Hey, mister," Maya called out as she picked the book up, "you dropped your book!"

But it was too late. The teen was out of sight.

"Oh, well," said Maya, "I'm sure he'll come back for it."

But Maya was glad the teen had lost it because she was very curious about it. She turned the book over and saw that it had a symbol that looked like the letter "T" and the letters "N, "I", and "V" under the symbol.

"What kind of book is this," Maya wondered, "I've never seen a book like this! I wonder if Mama might know."

Just then, Maya saw the school bus, which was driven by her grasshopper friend Flip, coming. She put the book in her backpack and got on the bus. She sat next to her best friend, Willy.

"Hey, Willy," said Maya, "look what I've got!"

Maya took the book from her bag and showed it to Willy.

"Oh, cool," said Willy, "where'd you find it?"

"Some teen dropped it," said Maya.

Maya then described the teen to Willy.

"I've seen that guy before," said Willy, "he and some friends were moving into that old house across the street from yours!"

"I thought I saw a moving van out there the other day," said Maya.

In no time, they arrived at the school and as they were heading inside, Maya saw the teen's motorcycle parked in the parking lot.

"That bike looks very familiar," said Maya.

When Maya and her friends entered the classroom, Maya was surprised to see that the teen was sitting at Ms. Cassandra, Maya's adoptive mother,'s desk.

"It's that teen from the bus stop," said Maya.

"What is he doing here," asked Willy.

"I'm glad you asked," said the teen.

The teen went to the chalkboard and wrote his name, which happened to be James, in big red chalk letters.

"Now," said James, "before we begin, I'd like to get a roll call."

James picked up a clipboard and pencil and called each student by name. Once that was done, he set the clipboard down.

"Now," said James, "I suppose you're probably wondering where Ms. Cassandra is."

"Yeah," said Willy, "where?"

"She's at a meeting with the Board Of Education and won't be back 'til later," said James.

"Oh yeah," said Maya, "she told me last night."

"Now," said James, "I understand you guys have a spelling test today, no?"

"We sure do," said Maya.

"Alright," said James, "I'll pass out the tests, then, you'll have exactly 20 minutes to complete it."

With that, James passed out the tests and the testing commenced. While the others were testing, he made a quick call.

"Alright," said James, "if you've finished your test, put it here on the desk so your teacher can see when she comes in."

With that, all the students piled their tests on the desk while James looked outside and saw that it was absolutely gorgeous.

"And," said James, "since it's nice out, why don't you kids go outside and stretch those legs?"

All the students cheered and ran outside. However, Maya stayed behind at her desk.

"What's the matter, Maya," asked James, "aren't you going to join your friends?"

"I don't know," said Maya, "I kinda wanna talk with you."

"Sure," said James, "what's up?"

Maya took the book James had lost out of her bag and held it up to him.

"Is this yours," asked Maya.

"Yes it is," said James as he took the book and put it next to him, "thank you! Where'd you find it?"

"You dropped it when you left the bus stop this morning," said Maya.

James slapped his hand to his forehead.

"Snap," said James, "I forgot to close the pouch again!"

Maya giggled.

"You're silly," said Maya, "though, when I looked at the front of this book, it had this strange symbol and the letters "N", "I", and "V" on them. What does this mean? Is this a special kind of book or something?"

"Yes, actually," said James, "this book is very special."

"What's it called," asked Maya.

"It's called The Bible," said James, "and the letters stand for "New International Version".

"Cool," said Maya, "but what about that thing that looks like a "t"?"

"That," said James, "is called a cross. It's a symbol of a religion I follow called Christianity."

"What's it about," asked Maya.

"It's based on the life and teachings of this really cool guy called Jesus," said James, "that guy was amazing! He did a lot of cool things!"

"Like what," asked Maya.

"Well," explained James, who then looked at the clock, "I'll tell you later, alright?"

"Alright," said Maya.

After the rest of the students came back in, James held up a Rubik's Cube he had brought.

"Now," said James, "Who knows what this is?."

"I know," said Maya, "it's a Rubik's Cube!"

"Correct," said James, "do you know where it came from?"

"Not really," said Maya, "Where?"

"It was invented by a Hungarian architect Erno Rubik, hence the name," explained James, "he originally wanted to use it as a teaching tool to help his students better understand 3-D objects."

"Amazing," said Willy, "how does it work?"

"Simple," said James, "you scramble the cube by turning the sides, then trying to solve it. The idea is to make sure each side has exactly three rows of squares that are all the same color."

"Cool," said Maya, "can I try it?"

"Sure," said James, "you can even get your own. They're not that expensive. Well, at least not these newer ones. This one here cost me almost ten dollars."

James continued to educate the students about the Rubik's Cube and let them play with his until it was time for Flip to take the students home. However, as Maya was stepping out the door, James stopped her.

"I spoke with Ms. Cassandra, aka your mom," said James," and she said it was OK if you hung out with me and my friends until she comes home."

"Cool," said Maya.

Soon enough, Maya got off the bus at the stop and went to James' house. when she got inside, she found James wearing the same jeans, but with a red t-shirt and brown slippers. She also saw three young men at a table playing cards. The first two men both had brown hair and eyes. One man was wearing a green-striped rugby shirt with alternating dark and light green stripes, khakis, and brown shoes, and the other was wearing the same pants and shoes, but with an orange shirt with squares on it, and the third man was a blond that was wearing a white long-sleeved polo with a dark blue stripe across the chest and a dark blue collar, jeans, and brown hiking boots.

"Who are those guys," asked Maya.

"Those guys are my housemates," said James, "Steve, Joe, and Fred."

"Hey, guys," called Maya.

Fred, Steve, and Joe noticed Maya.

"Who are you," asked Fred.

"This is Maya," said James, "she's staying with us until her mother comes."

"Sounds like a plan," said Joe.

Just then, Maya saw a young red-haired woman wearing a Purple dress, pink pantyhose, purple shoes, a plastic purple headband, and a green scarf enter the house carrying a gym bag.

"Who's that," asked Maya.

"That's Fred's girlfriend, Daphne," said James.

"Yeah," said Steve, "Every Monday, she goes to her father's tennis court and plays tennis with him."

"That explains the gym bag," said Maya.

"Anyways," said Daphne as she set the bag down, "I'm just gonna shower, then get started on dinner."

"Alright," said Fred.

With that, Daphne showered, got on some clean clothes, and looked in the cupboards to find something to make for dinner, but couldn't find anything.

"Rats," said Daphne, "I forgot to go grocery shopping while I was out."

"No worries," said Steve, "I'll just go and get some pizza."

"Can I come too," asked Maya.

"Sure," said Steve.

With that, Steve and Maya walked outside to a green 1974 Volkswagen Thing, which was owned by both Steve and Joe.

"Nice car," said Maya.

"Thanks," said Steve, "My dad gave it to me and Joe on my 18th birthday."

"Nice," said Maya, "though, if it was on your birthday, why did he give it to both you and your brother?"

"Because," said Steve, "Dad thought that when Joe got his license, it would save the trouble of going to a used car lot to pick out a new car for him to have on his own. Plus, they thought it would be a nice car for me to teach Joe to drive."

"And they thought right," Joe called out the window.

Steve, Joe, and Maya laughed as Steve and Maya got into the car and drove off for the local Little Caesar's, where they got one large cheese pizza, one large sausage pizza, one large pepperoni pizza, a box of cheese-bread, a 1-gallon bottle of Sprite, got back in the car, and drove home, where they set the pizza, Sprite, and cheese-bread on the table along with some plastic cups.

"Before we dig in," said James, "care to do the honors, Steve?"

"Don't mind if I do," said Steve.

With that, everyone bowed their heads and closed their eyes, including Maya.

"Heavenly Father," said Steve, "we thank you for this meal you have provided for us and ask that you bless it to the nourishment to our bodies and the hands that made it. Thank you for keeping everyone safe on the road today. And bless those who are less fortunate than us. And in your Son's name we pray, Amen."

"Amen," said everyone else.

"You guys are Christians, too," asked Maya.

"Yeah," said Steve, "me and Joe were raised Christian. In fact, our dad's a deacon."

"Same with me and Daphne," said Fred.

"Cool," said Maya, "I wish I was a Christian."

"You can become one, you know," said Joe.

"Really," said Maya, "how?"

"Simple," said Fred.

Fred handed Maya a pamphlet.

"What's this," asked Maya.

"It's a pamphlet for our Bible Study Night," said Joe, "We do it every Friday."

"What do you do," asked Maya.

"Well, it's pretty simple," said Steve, "we simply read some of the Bible and talk about it."

"Then," said Joe, "we ask for prayer requests, where people ask for prayers to help them out, and we jot them down on a piece of paper."

"After that," said Fred, "we have a little game-time. Most of the time, it's Jeopardy."

"And we usually have my home-baked double fudge brownies," said Daphne.

"Sounds like fun," said Maya.

"In fact," said Steve, "we're having it this Friday."

"We recommend you come," said Joe.

"And bring a friend," said Fred.

At that instant, there was a knock at the door.

"I'll get it," said Steve.

Steve went to the door and opened it. There, on the doorstep was Cassandra, waiting for Maya.

"Mama," Maya cried happily as she flew into Cassandra's waiting arms.

"Hey, Maya," said Cassandra as she cuddled her daughter.

Cassandra turned to James and his friends.

"Thanks for looking after her," said Cassandra.

"It's no problem at all," said James, "and by the way, Maya got an A+ on her spelling test."

"Wow," said Cassandra, "I'm very proud of you!"

"Thanks," said Maya.

After bidding goodbye to James and his friends, Maya and Cassandra walked home. When they got home, they sat down on the couch together.

"Mama," asked Maya.

"Yes, dear," asked Cassandra.

"Can I ask you something," Maya asked.

"Sure," said Cassandra.

"Do you have anything going on on Friday," asked Maya.

"I don't think so," said Cassandra, "why did you ask?"

Maya held the pamphlet Fred gave her to Cassandra.

"What's this about," asked Cassandra.

"It's for a Friday Bible Study Night James and his friends are having," said Maya, "Can we go?"

Cassandra smiled.

"Of course we can," said Cassandra, "it might be a good way for you to grow your Christian faith. Besides, my mother was raised Christian."

"Sweet," said Maya, "I can't wait!"


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