Summary Edit

When Chase got hurt, he dosen't know why he suffered. So, Ryder tells him and Skye a story from the Bible about a decent man who finds himself in a chain of misfortunes.

Characters Edit

  • Chase
  • Marshall
  • Zuma
  • Ryder
  • Rubble
  • Skye
  • Rocky
  • Everest
    • ~Characters in Story~
    • Chase as Job
    • Skye as Job's Wife
    • Mayor Humdinger as Satan
    • Everest as Servant 1
    • Tracker as Servant 2
    • Arrby as Servant 3
    • Sweetie as Servant 4
    • Rocky, Marshall and Rubble as Eliphaz, Bildad and Zophar

Story Edit

(Skye is taking a nap under a tree.)

(Rocky runs up to Skye, looking a bit worried.)

Rocky: "Shakes Skye" Skye, wake up!

Skye: "Wakes up" Wha-what is it?

Rocky: It's Chase! He'd hurt his paw!

Skye: What?!

(She runs into the Lookout, with Rocky following behind.)

(When she came into the lobby, Skye went into shock at a horrible sight.)

(Lying on a pillow is Chase with his front right paw all bandaged up.)

Skye: Chase, what happened?

Chase: Well, I was at the pup-park, running around the track and all of a sudden, I tripped and hit my paw against a rock.

Skye: Oh.

(Ryder walks into the lobby, holding the Bible in his hands.)

Skye: Chase, why did this happened?

Chase: I don't know. Why am I suffering?

Ryder: You know Chase there is something you should know.

Chase: What?

Ryder: Well, the answer is in here. "Points to the Bible"

(Ryder sits next to Chase and Skye sat down next to Ryder as he opens the Bible and turns the pages to a book called "The Book of Job".)

Skye: The Book of Job?

Chase: Ryder, I've never heard of this book before.

Ryder: I think you might learn something from Job.

(The camera then fades into the story and it begins.)

Ryder: "Reading" There's a man who lived in the land of Uz and his name was Job.

(We see an adult german shepherd, who is Chase, wearing a blue robe.)

Ryder: "Reading" Job owned hundreds of oxen, donkeys, sheep and camels. Outside his house, Job grows lots of grain and veggies. Job had a great wife and beautiful sons and daughters.

(Switch to Heaven where God is with his angels.)

Ryder: "Reading" But in Heaven, God is holding court with the sons of God when he got a surprising visitor.

(A demon, resembling Mayor Humdinger, approched God.)

God: Where have you come from?