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    July 16, 2016 by Sonicthefox19

    So, has anyone ever had to deal with this?

    This is weird to talk about probably, but I want to know what you think?

    I don't do much as I don't have a job, don't get out much, don't have any friends, etc. I spend my time playing video games or watching TV. And as a result, all I can talk about is things I like.

    Examples being-

    Paw Patrol

    Video Games


    I have a set certain things that I talk about.  But I noticed as of lately, that... I seem to be bugging people about it.

    My mother once stated that all I ever talk about is games. My dad asks what am I talking about, and she says, games, what else? I don't know why, but that really hurt me a little when I thought about it. She then goes on and says when do you ever not talk about games? I replied…

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  • Sonicthefox19

    I felt like these things should be talked about, so i will.

    Depression always seems to have a way of affecting everyone of us. But it's not something we can help is the sad thing. Anything can trigger depression. but when your depressed, the Devil {Satan} whispers words in your head. He tries to make you think negative and dive deeper into depression. He can make someone be suicidal. You have to ignore these voices, and if you can't there is one thing that can help you... or rather 3 things.

    1. You can say the name Jesus, as many times as you can. It can help calm your down.

    2. Stomp your foot and say, in 'Jesus' name, begone!' It'll make Satan and his demons flee.

    3. This one is not a Christian related method of curing depression, but it can …

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  • Sonicthefox19


    April 21, 2016 by Sonicthefox19

    Guys, I'm for once very very sad.

    Today I learned that dish my TV provider is getting rid of 18 channels and one of them is nickolodeon which has paw patrol my favorite show. This is very very upsetting for me and you have no idea how upsetting it is.  

    I get through life with three things, one is God, two is my family, and three is paw patrol and now I don't know what to think.

    All I can do is ask for prayer on this one...

    UPDATE: Not entirely sure on what's going on, but the channels are still there. Hopefully this means they decided not to go through with it, but I'm still unsure. If God answered my prayers last night, {Which is probably what happened.} I say thank you Jesus.

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