So, has anyone ever had to deal with this?

This is weird to talk about probably, but I want to know what you think?

I don't do much as I don't have a job, don't get out much, don't have any friends, etc. I spend my time playing video games or watching TV. And as a result, all I can talk about is things I like.

Examples being-

Paw Patrol

Video Games


I have a set certain things that I talk about.  But I noticed as of lately, that... I seem to be bugging people about it.

My mother once stated that all I ever talk about is games. My dad asks what am I talking about, and she says, games, what else? I don't know why, but that really hurt me a little when I thought about it. She then goes on and says when do you ever not talk about games? I replied with, 'I talk about my stories that I write.'  And then she goes, still its an obsession. And that hurt just as bad.

To top it all off. Even if I do talk to anyone, I always end up talking about what I like without meaning to at points. And they got to the point where everyone pretty much tunes me out. I know they aren't listening and I'm blabbing away. Its gotten to the point to where I feel like I'm annoying or something like that. 

So I'm wanting to ask, does anyone else have this happen to them?

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