hey this is a message to all admins on Paw Patrol fanon wiki, specially to Chris..... I want to say I'm sorry, I just been feeling attacked a lot, and all this fighting is going out of control, I just can't take it much longer, I'm just being hurten too much that making me feel like no one would like me to be there anymore, I'm sorry for all those things.... I just want everything to clear up, and I want to be with my friends, not have to fight them.... please lets stop this, if we work together...... also I know a lot of users hate me know, but I just want to apologize, I want everything to go back together the way it used to be..... I don't blame you for hating me, but there been a lot of things going around, i'll even try to have everyone to stop for you all.... i'm just really close of leaving.....

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